· May 12, 2016

"Find in Files" equivalent in Atelier?

Is there a function in Atelier that's equivalent to Studio's "Find in Files"? Namely, to search for assets containing a given search pattern across an entire namespace -- not just across files that are currently in the local project.

I've been playing with the search functions in Eclipse, and so far haven't found a combination of options that will search against assets that are only on the server -- I can only get results for assets that are already in my workspace.

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Was this added in 1.1, and if so, what are the requirements to use it?

In Eclipse, I go to Search, Atelier Search tab. Near the bottom, I select a Scope, but every server/namespace I select has the red x to the side, indicating that server connection "does not support Atelier text search. Consider updating server." This is with 2017.1.1 HS installs.

For project code, searching locally is not a problem. But occasionally I search in system packages (HS, Ens, EnsLib,...), and I'd rather not pull them locally, since I won't be editing, only looking for how something was implemented.

I've worked around this by creating a comprehensive work-space with Atelier projects for all the databases I need to search. Then I can just drop into shell and use grep/ack. Definitely not as good as Find-in-Files but good enough until Atelier 1.1 and definitely better than firing up a windows VM.

Warning - there is a large storage overhead - mostly in the Atelier/Eclipse .metadata cache especially for large codebases. However operations such as synchronizing and autocomplete perform well.

Find in files is a nice Studio feature, but I would say that the Atelier paradigm allows for a much more powerful search by using grep.  All the files that are in your workspace will exist on your hard drive in  your workspace directory in UDL (that is, plaintext format).  So if you wanted to find in files for, say, ^KMB, you can do this:

kbaxterMAC:User kbaxter$ grep -iR "KMB" ./

.//TwoGWQueries.mac: s ^KMB = 1

Remember, the whole point of Atelier is to move the source of truth from the Database to your Source Control, which will in some cases be linked into your filesystem.  I think grep is a great solution here.