Alicia Watkins · Oct 29

Filter in Mumps Routine for Excel Spreadsheet File


Is there a way to filter in a routine for a type of filtering column in Excel.  I can apply exclusion logic, but wondered if there was some type of method that accomplished a type of filter.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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I have been creating full blown Excel files for years. I am not sure what our comment 'Filter' means.

My concept is that I have a library of code that reads a template of data that creates the Excel file. Thus all my Report codes generate the Templates then evoke the Excel generator. There is only one generator thus only one place to make any changes that might be inherited from Microsoft.

So can you restate you querey. what are you lookig for?

Hi There,

What I meant by filter is similar to the filters in Excel where a sort can be specified as an example.   In my routines, I take a delimited file and then can manipulate the logic based on the request.  The file can be created in Excel format.  Is this what you mean that you take files for use in Excel?


what I understand from your description:

  • you have an input file with records (rows) with delimited fields (columns)
  • you expect to see this file as a table (like in Excel)
  • you expect to sort your rows by various columns
  • you expect to include/exclude rows by various criteria

This is all standard  SQL and fully included IRIS  (MUMPS was almost stone-age) 
The only question left is your input format as Excel has a proprietary format,
but reads many others as well (CSV, HTML, XML, ..??)