File is too large to parse properly error

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I'm getting this error a lot in Atelier.  These are not extremely large files, and I can't seem to find a magic line count or byte size that triggers the issue to occur.


I'm using the latest (I believe) version 1.0.262. Is there a setting that allows larger files to be parsed successfully within the editor?

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It's not actually a size thing, but a complexity. The parsers for JavaScript and SQL can be slow at times ( we are working on that ) so we timeout on parsing if we feel it's taking too long. We know this is inconvenient but we didn't want to delay the initial (MVP) release of Atelier because of this one issue.

This issue prevents us from using the Atelier -> Export -> XML Cache Script  feature.   It won't let you Export the file.  The file is marked as being in an "Error State".

Yes - I upgraded to this beta version and it resolved the issue.   I had to open the class showing the error in Atelier and ensure that it got parsed/saved in order to clear the error.  Thanks for the fix!

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