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File Passthrough Feeder

IRIS Interoperability Productions formerly known as Ensemble are fun to work with. Yes, I really think my work is fun. I have seen File Passthrough Services and File Passthrough Operations come in handy. At one point we placed test messages in files, then we utilized a File Passthrough Service with Inbound File Adapter to send the contents of the file as a Stream to a File Passthrough Operation with Outbound TCP Adapter. The Operation pointed at a TCP service and sent the test messages.

Later I wanted to troubleshoot another service that received file contents as the body of HTTP requests. I created CSPOperation to send contents of files as HTTP requests to the CSP page that was responsible to receive these messages.

I discovered %UnitTest.TestProduction class that provides a structured way to test Interoperability Productions and organize test results.

When I started working with containers, I used my Feeder Production to send test messages to Application Load Balancer or directly to one container. I added test file creation scripts and generated test files before each Unit Test. I created REST API to query IRIS instances running in containers for messages processed and event log entries. I captured many metrics and created TestReport class to report detailed test results.

I really enjoy putting the File Passthrough Feeder Production to work, as our development environment is not connected to anything to send test messages.

I demonstrated the setup to our greater team. Some were not impressed by the cryptic messages on the terminal from the %UnitTest.TestProduction execution. Hence for the Full Stack Contest I decided to add a CSP page to interact with the Feeder UnitTest Production.

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