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What else can Feeder do?

Report about what happened during a test - check Message Bank to see what happened on the instances that received test messages from Feeder

I developed Feeder on an IRIS instance while working in development VPC and I configured a Message Bank in a different namespace on the same IRIS instance. I added Feeder.csp and submitted Feeder app to Full Stack contest. I currently refactor the Feeder and Message Bank apps for Interoperability contest and to deploy in another VPC.

Below I show a sample report from development VPC:

NAMESPACE>DO ##class(UnitTest.TestReport).Go(564)

UnitTest 564 began 2020-11-04 14:46:39.896

  It sent 10000 messages between 14:47:39.019 and 14:55:57.654 (20.055 mps)

    to internal-dmlss-ecs-ALB:52773/restapi/UploadFile/

  10000 responses were 200 / OK

  DocID before: 692475 - after: 693912

****5982 documents inserted between 14:47:31.77 and 15:19:15.88 (1904110 ms)

  MsgBk before: 3909212 - after: 3922660

    30000 messages banked between 14:47:39.066 and 15:19:24.855 (1905789 ms)

  Node 408 sent 10751 mess. between 14:47:39.204 and 15:19:24.706 (1905502 ms)

  Node 411 sent 19249 mess. between 14:47:39.066 and 15:19:24.855 (1905789 ms)


  Source ETfromDMLSS banked 2000 mess.

  Source FAfromDMLSS banked 2000 mess.

  Source FedRRfromDMLSS banked 2000 mess.

  Source InboundDLA banked 10000 mess.

  Source MOfromDMLSS banked 2000 mess.

  Source NonFedRRfromDMLSS banked 2000 mess.

  Source fromDMLSS_Router banked 10000 mess.


  Target ETtoFMS banked 2000 mess.

  Target FAtoFMS banked 2000 mess.

  Target FedRRtoFMSCrud banked 2000 mess.

  Target MOtoFMS banked 2000 mess.

  Target NonFedRRtoFMSCrud banked 2000 mess.

  Target fromDMLSS_Router banked 10000 mess.

  Target toDLAUser banked 10000 mess.


Each time Feeder runs TestProduction, it generates a new Log Index in Unit Test Portal and it increments ^myUnitTests global where data about each Unit Test gets stored. Persistent class Feeder.Test enables SQL queries on this data.

Message Bank queries are available by changing namespaces. I will convert these class methods to REST calls because Message Bank will run in another IRIS instance. I plan to add TestReport class to Feeder repository soon...

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