· Apr 7

FHIR SQL Builder throwing Connection Refused error


We are setting up FHIR SQL builder analysis set up in cloud but it is refused the connection. Could anyone please help to share your idea to resolve the issue. Why it is throwing connection refused. Any configuration missing?


Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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Perhaps you can provide more details as to what you are trying to do exactly and the way the error manifests itself.

For example you say "in cloud" do you mean via the FHIR Server cloud SaaS service?
If so you have to enable External Connections and setup External Rules. See from the Docs here.

Then under the overview page you should be able to see xDBC Details for connecting. See also here.

There is an article by @Iryna Mykhailova about connecting via xDBC to the IRIS Cloud SQL service, which should be very similar/identical.

Per the above a connection refused error might have to do with the TLS setup required for this connection (which the article above does not cover currently, but the service xDBC details in the Overview page does provide detailed instructions for).

Thank you, so this is clearer, and it is happening much earlier than I was thinking. You are not trying to connect via xDBC to your FHIR SQL Builder projected tables, but rather just trying to create the first Analysis step.

This error "shouldn't happen", and I recommend you turn to our Cloud Support.

What you could attempt doing before, is opening the browser debugger and see (perhaps under Network and the related HTTP requests you see) if you see some "interesting" error that could shed some light on what is happening.