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A few boxes and a vision


A few months ago, Jose and I were discussing the article Video Smart Data Services (Vision & Demo) from @Amir Samary and during that discussion, we started wondering what kind of feature would be nice to have on a future IRIS solution. 

One of the desired features is to have an IRIS iPaaS solution as I questioned here in this comment.

These last months gave me the opportunity to work with different projects and technologies, and put me in touch with applications like or Workato, and now I can see how great an IRIS iPaaS solution could be.

IRIS Interoperability has much potential, an incredible engine under the hood, and it can be something unique to explore.

But all that power brings a lot of complexity and requires a lot of technical knowledge. What if we could reduce the complexity, helping the user with a more simple solution, but keeping the power of IRIS Interoperability?  

You may be wondering "How about that vision that I mentioned in the title of this article", right!? 

Well, for me the Community is not a place where I can find answers to my questions, it's not only a place where I can meet people, it's a place to help each other, to challenge each other, and perhaps, a place where we can build together something bigger than ourselves. 

To achieve that vision, I believe that we need to build something ASAP (As Simple As Possible); Using I saw something really interesting; pre-built connectors, small boxes that can help you do anything, integrating with a lot of systems/applications, in a really simple way.

Because removing complexity from the solutions should be our goal here, bringing more ideas, and more contributions to every project is my vision for a better application.

@José Roberto Pereira and @Henry Pereira built the Flow Editor, the new feature that we are offering in the project that we called IRIS Megazord.

PS: If you don't know what a Megazord is, you can check this super nostalgic video (well, at least for us) that belongs to a TV Show called Power Rangers 

But, let's focus on the newest part of our super cool robot. 

Flow Editor


The concept behind Flow Editor, as we discussed before, it's to have a simple and really useful set of connectors (boxes) that can help you to build stuff like Jose it's doing in the video below 

If you'd like to try the same process shown in the video, you can follow the steps below and set a Telegram Bot to use in your environment.

Setting up a Telegram bot

In order to use a Telegram bot, follow these steps:

  • Create a Telegram bot
    • Access the BotFather in using your Telegram account (
    • Enter the command /newbot
    • Choose a name to your bot
    • Choose a user name to your bot
    • After those information, the BotFather will give you a token for your bot
  • Create a IRIS Interoperability credential to store yout bot's token
    • Access the Credentials Viewer page
    • Choose a name for the credential in the field ID
    • Enter your bot's token in the Password field
    • Save your credential
  • Setup the production
    • Access the Production Configuration page
    • Select the FromTelegram business service
    • Find the field Credentials in the right panel, in the Settings tab, and choose the credentials for your telegram bot
    • Save the changes by clicking in the Apply button

Now you can start the production. Access your Telegram bot and start to chat. If everything is OK, you will receive a response from the production's chatbot after a few seconds.


Once again, we would like to thank you for all the support from the community in each of the applications we create.

If you found our app interesting and somehow contributed some insight, consider voting for our app.

If you like the app, enjoy what we are doing in the community, please vote for iris-megazord and help us on this journey!

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