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Fast JSON formatting (IRIS)

t's also an example for a customized command extension (ZZJSON) in IRIS

IRIS has a nice %JSON.Formatter class.
But for debugging it is not really handy.

ZWRITE js1  
js1="{""Name"":""Cunningham,John C."",""SSN"":""294-11-9150"",""DOB"":""1933-01-08"",""Home"":{""Street"":""4249 Ash Street"",""City"":""Tampa"",""State"":""MD"",""Zip"":""30176""},""FavoriteColors"":\[""White"",""Red"",""Green""]}"   

so you proceed for the most simple case

set formatter=##class(%JSON.Formatter).%New()   
do formatter.Format(js1)  
  "Name":"Cunningham,John C.",  
     "Street":"4249 Ash Street",  

Not a big thing.
You do it once, you do it twice, and after the 5th time your fingers get tired.

So this is a shorthand to save time and reduce mistyping.

The attached is to be included into your %ZLANGC00.mac

ZZJSON js1         ; does the Output to Terminal / Device  
set st=##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()
ZZJSON js1:st      ; write result to Stream
ZZJSON js1:"BOBBY"  ; writes it to local variable BOBBY


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