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fast JSON formatting (Caché / Ensemble)

t's also an example for a customized command extension (ZZJSN) in Caché & IRIS

This is the Caché version for fast JSON formatting but it also works in IRIS.
Requires package ZPretty
To allow parallel existence in IRIS this is named ZZJSN


jsn="{"Name":"Li,Robert K.","SSN":"672-92-9664","DOB":"1975-01-12","Home":{"Street":"986 Washington Blvd","City":"Boston","State":"PA","Zip":"95802"},"Office":{"Street":"6012 First Place","City":"Reston","State":"MT","Zip":"77739"},"Spouse":{"Name":"Avery,Zelda H.","SSN":"323-13-7437","DOB":"1943-03-27","Home":{"Street":"196 Main Drive","City":"Youngstown","State":"WY","Zip":"53229"},"Office":{"Street":"4056 Franklin Court","City":"Bensonhurst","State":"IA","Zip":"27688"},"FavoriteColors":["Black"],"Age":77},"Age":45,"Title":"Associate Marketing Manager","Salary":10421}" 

This doesn't look so easy to follow.
So this is a shorthand to save time and reduce mistyping.

The attached is to be included into your %ZLANGC00.mac

USER>ZZJSN jsn        ; does the Output to Terminal / Device  
  "Name":"Li,Robert K.",
    "Street":"986 Washington Blvd",
    "Street":"6012 First Place",
    "Name":"Avery,Zelda H.",
      "Street":"196 Main Drive",
      "Street":"4056 Franklin Court",
  "Title":"Associate Marketing Manager",

output to stream

set st=##class(%Stream.GlobalCharacter).%New()
ZZJSN jsn:st      ; write result to Stream

output to string

ZZJSN jsn:"BOBBY"  ; writes it to local variable BOBBY


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