· Jan 18, 2017

Failed to allocate 1934MB shared memory

I’ve a server that is running Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition SP2 x86.

I just noted that you cannot allocate shared memory beyond 1.6GB.


Is this a known problem between Cache and this OS architecture, and has anyone configured it beyond this?


Cache gives the below errors (Version: Cache for Windows (x86-32) 2012.2.5 (Build 962_1) Wed Jun 11 2014 13:58:32 EDT).


11/01/16-08:33:06:750 (0) 2 Failed to allocate 2560MB shared memory: 2045MB global buffers, 384MB routine buffers

11/01/16-08:33:08:843 (0) 2 Failed to allocate 1934MB shared memory using large pages.  Switching to small pages.

11/01/16-08:33:09:562 (0) 1 Allocated 1622MB shared memory (large pages): 1278MB global buffers, 240MB routine buffers

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Hi Anzelem,

if your question is "how can I allocate more than 2GB of memory for my shared memory segment", Dmitry already answered that pointing out that this is an expected limitation of your 32bit environment, with a switch to 64bit being the required factor to go over 2GB..

On the other hand, if your question is "why I am only getting 1.GB instead of the full 2GB", the answer is that by using manual configuration values, starting from your current 1622MB total shared memory, you can try to increase them by small amounts, until you find the ones that finally report a "Failed to allocate", but I would expect that you will not be able to go much further than a max of 1.7GB total:

there are internal structures both at the Caché and Windows level that also need to fit in the 32bit addressable space, thus reducing the actual space for the shared memory segment.

Hopefully this covers your question.. and let us know if there may be further points worth reviewing together.