Adam Lees · Jun 18, 2021

Export production documentation to Archimate model?

I'm aware of the function to export a Production documentation to PDF or HTML format

What I'm looking for is the easiest way to export to an architecture model in the Archimate format.  Specifically to create files in the CSV Import/Export format supported by the open source Archi tool.  This would be high level information of primarily Business Services and Business Operations, with basic metadata like the Adapter class, and information on the source or target system (IP address, URL, file folder etc).  If possible it would be able to infer some relationships between systems such as "system A" has an HL7 feed to MyProduction which routes to "System B".  

Archimate import has 3 files. "elements.csv", "relations.csv" and "properties.csv"

So it should be possible to populate elements (from the services and operations) and properties (from Settings) and relations from inferred links.  

Before I start reinventing any wheels are there any open source or inexpensive COTS tools to do this kind of thing or has anybody attempted this before able to share any learning.

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I would be very much interested in your findings. I already started something that is producing a CSV  file with a summary of a production. Perhaps this could be helpful to the community, contact me in private since I can't attach a file. This is not ment for Archi mate but perhaps you can be inspired by it. 

André-Claude, thank you very much, that would be a great starting point.  I will message you. 

If you have code that you are willing to share with the community, it's worth considering putting it into a public repo on Github.

I had a similar requirement (only for automatic docs generation).

As each BH setting is also a class property, you can query %Dictionary for them. And build your CSVs from these queries.