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André-Claude, thank you very much, that would be a great starting point.  I will message you. 

If you have code that you are willing to share with the community, it's worth considering putting it into a public repo on Github.

OK, I just noticed the date after I'd posted the reply. 

MESH is just a message transport mechanism and is agnostic of payload type.  The key thing is the recipient system understands the format you're sending.  You can embed PDF files base64 encoded in a Kettering document, but whether that will work depends on whether EMIS is configured to ingest those PDFs.  

You need to configure the correct MESH Workflow ID so that EMIS understands what kind of message it is.  You can't fire random FHIR messages at another system and expect it to just understand it.  EMIS does understand standard NHSD FHIR Transfer of Care messages and Digital Medicines messages for example.

What kind of documents are these and have you checked the NHSD standard API catalogue for a suitable FHIR standard, and (assuming MESH transport) checked the list of approved MESH workflow IDs?

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