Youness ARRAF · Jan 6, 2020

Export data from caché (v 2012) to Excel, used validation data like dropdown list

I use the 2012 version of the caché, and I need to export data in an Excel file, the point that seems to complicate is to use the dropdown list in the cell and then trigger a validation if I exceed an interval of two values.

Help me, by your seggestions, solutions
Thank you

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Hi Youness,

how are you exporting the data to excel : as a .csv file ?

I am not sure if this is your problem, but when exporting data (numbers) to excel,  you need to be careful on the decimal character you are using : if i export numbers with a decimal point, and my locale is set on comma as a decimal , the numbers are treated as strings, and no validation works.

Thank you Danny for your replay,
i export the data to excel using csv file, this work fine,
but some data i neet to display its inside a dropdown list , how i can do this,
there's some classes in caché to handle the data in sheet and cells from Excel file ?

Hi Danny,

Great, Thank you Danny, i think it's the great idea,

I ll try to use VBA code :)

i will come back to you Danny :)