· May 1, 2023

Errors in docker run

Has anyone seen this before? I'm new/bad at Docker and not even sure how to debug.

$ sudo docker logs <container>
[INFO] Starting InterSystems IRIS instance IRIS...
[INFO] Unable to read the startup.last file to identify the location of the write
image journal file (IRIS.WIJ) that was last in use by this instance. Please
fix the permissions of the startup.last file.

** Startup aborted **

Starting IRIS
Recovery failure. Startup aborted.
[ERROR] Command "iris start IRIS quietly" exited with status 256
[ERROR] See the above messages or /usr/irissys/mgr/messages.log for more information
[FATAL] Error starting InterSystems IRIS

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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Telling you something you already know:  You've got some bad state in your container image or in the persistent storage. 

I think we'd need to see more to be able to help:
* What's the command you're using to run the container?  All the environment variables and mount points is super-important here
* What's the container you're running?  If its your own, maybe the Dockerfile would help