· Aug 29, 2018

Error when FTP folder is empty EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdapter

Hi community,

I've created a BS that uses FTP InboundAdapter. It works, read the file and process it.

The problem is when there not any file in the FTP folder, it raises the following error:

 ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPListFailed: FTP: error en List para *.csv (mensaje='No-transfer-time exceeded. Closing control connection.',código=421)

I think it is something about the configuration, but I don't find what is the problem.

Any idea?

Best regards,

Francisco Lopez

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Dear all... problem solved.

I've created a new FTP server (based on IIS) and it works without problem.

The previous one was created with Filezilla server. 

Fortunately, the client has an FTP server based on IIS, so with this test we consider the integration in their preproduction environment will be fine.

Note: I've changed the "Server List Style" to "MSDOS" for this new server ;)

Thanks to all for your time.

Best regards,

Francisco López