Error using XML input in Studio Test Tool

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I have a delimited flat file that I need to read and then generate an HL7 A08 message from the fields in the file.  I used the Management Portal's Record Mapper to generate the Map.Record class, then used drag & drop to map fields in the delimited flat-file to an A08 message.

But when I try testing this in the test tool, I'm getting an ERROR #6254: Tag expected . XML input. ... is not in proper format as child of Record (ending at line 2 character 11).

I can't find any real information on the error other than a mention that 6254 is an error :-)

Suggestions, anyone?


Jim Dolson

Holland Hospital

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Hi Jim - The business process expects the XML representation of the record which is completed by the business service.

In the example below Field1 and Field2 correspond to the field names assigned within the record map class:


Thank you Christopher.  In hindsight, that makes total sense.  It works now. Thank you!