Error on SQL update service

I have a simple SQL service that does a simple select from an SQL database. After the select, I do an update to set the ProcessedFlag to "Y" for yes, so my next pass doesn't select records already processed. The service works fine, except when it's done I get the error below, anybody know what is causing this error?

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could please post the snippet of the code. looks like there is one undefined object.

Looks like running the query but not getting a resultset.
You seem to be reading past the last row you got.
Hardcore fix, if noting better. Wrap it in Try {  } Catch {}   /// it's not my favourite


What is your StayConnected Value?  0?  If so I would set it to something like 10 and see if that helps.  This is not a problem with the results it's a problem with the connection.  Are you calling ..Adapter.Disconnect()?