ERROR #822: Access Denied.


New to Cache/Studio. Just installed Client option for Cache (cube).

Attempting login to Management Portal for dev/tst/prd environments yields ERROR #822.

Any suggestions on where to begin to resolve would be appreciated.



This error indicates that either login and password are incorrect or that user has insufficient permissions to access management portal.


For what it's worth, the best way to find the details as to why you are getting this error in the future is to use the Audit Log. Here is the documentation on auditing. More details are in that doc, but the basic steps to look at this are:

1) Enable auditing

2) Go to Configure System Events and make sure the LoginFailure and Protect events are enabled

3) Reproduce the failed login

4) Look at the details of the audit log entry for the LoginFailure or Protect event that presumably occurred when you failed to log in

5) If you don't want auditing on or those events audited, reset the initial state of auditing by either turning off those events or auditing in general