· Oct 22, 2021

EnsLib.EDI.XML.Service.FileService vs EnsLib.XML.FileService

What is the difference between EnsLib.EDI.XML.Service.FileService and EnsLib.XML.FileService? 

Product version: HealthShare 2018.1
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So how do you know which is best to use? Currently we are using EDI to ingest an XML file from WorkDay, but we are running into throughput issues, so I was thinking it might be related to the service. We take the ingested data and put it into a class file, using a BPL and DTL, that is executed using a stored procedure to insert the data into a MS SQL table. 

This isn't a topic I'm super familiar with, it probably depends on what you plan on doing with the messages. The following docs might be helpful?

If you're having throughput issues and suspect it is related to the service you're using (is there a particular reason you think that's the problem?), do you have a test environment where you can compare the 2 services?