Ensemble SQL Gateway failed error & StayConnected setting ?

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Howdy Developers of InterSystems Ensemble,


Has anyone experienced an alert generated from a business operation (BO), which uses EnsLib.SQL.OutboundAdapter? That comes with an error message as below:

ERROR #6022: Gateway failed: Execute. + ERROR <Ens>ErrGeneral: SQLState: (HY000) NativeError: [10054] Message: [Cache ODBC][State : HY000][Native Code 10054] [d:\cachesys\bin\cache.exe] [write_all: send() returned SOCKET_ERROR. Reason: (10054, 0x2746) An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ] (alert request ID=710761).

This error occurs from time to time in our Ensemble ODBC BO to a Cache server. The error only occurs to one of the connections to the same server where we have multiple namespaces to connect to . So it does not seem to be a server-wide issue. Unfortunately the ODBC log is not turned on, and not sure if it would be okay to turn on all the logs when it is not known how soon it would occur. The last incident was about a week ago, but the one before then was about more than a month ago.


The most interesting connection settings of BO in question would be StayConnected, which is currently set to the default of -1 , meaning "to stay permanently connected, even during idle times". Does anyone know if this value is recommended to change to a positive value for ODBC connections?


Any thoughts to prevent this error?


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If you're trying to access data across several namespaces of the same instance you don't need xDBC.  Use either mappings or queries with local cache to move data.