· Aug 1, 2018

Ensemble peculiarities for one user

We have one user that is having issues in Ensemble via browser. The two issues she reported are:

- If she opens a DTL, she has to Save or Compile the DTL before she is able to edit anything in the Actions tab. Typically, you can simply open the DTL, click on a line, and edit the Actions.

- If she opens the Tools tab and clicks the Test button, she does not get a response and it eventually times out on her. Typically, clicking the Test button will open a new window where you can paste a message to test your DTL with.

These issues transcend browsers. She can close her browser and open a different browser, and the issue continues. No other users on the same server and in the same namespace have this issue. This is also a recent occurrence, as she has always been able to access this functionality with no issues.

I know that there is a class or global that holds user settings. If you open a DTL in one browser, Ensemble will remember the last DTL you had open and it will open when you go back to edit DTLs. If you switch browsers, it still remembers. The same holds true for the testing data in the Test tool mentioned above. Is it possible that this data has become corrupt and we need to clear it for this user? If so, what class would hold this information?

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Thanks for taking the time to respond Jeffrey. All good questions. The user has cleared browser cookies and cache, and since this is happening in both browsers, I don't believe it is browser cache related. We cannot disable anti-virus because we are in a corporate environment. She tried logging in from another workstation and had the same results, leading me to believe that this is related to either a persistent class that saves user settings, or related to some kind of data caching/auditing in Ensemble. One friend suggested that Ensemble has an audit that saved previous states, and this may be it, but I don't know where to look for that.

In other news, we went to work on this more yesterday and the issues have both mysteriously gone away. She said that the DTL editing issue has been happening for a month or more, and that the issue with the DTL testing has been happening for about a week, so perhaps whatever persistent data that was causing the issue has now been purged? Surprised no one has seen this before!

Thanks again!