Vivek Nayak · Jul 6, 2020

Ensemble does not start

Hi Team,

When I tried to open ensemble in my system I got bellow error.

I have done lots of code in my local system but now not able to open the ensemble.

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Does  %installdir%/mgr/cconsole.log have anything useful to tell you ?

No, even "cconsole.log" is also not updated, it's showing old logs.

There's still alert.log - (not a big hope)
eventually, a Windows event logging may give a hint. - (less hope)

next emergency startup with -nostu

WRC = last chance

Thanks Robert,

alert.log is also not updated.

One thing I found that the Ensemble service is not in running state and I am not able to start again, Is it possible due to this error occurs?

Good observation.

Try run a "force" down of the image. For Caché it's .../bin/ccontrol force  <instance> 

The service calls itself always "Controller" .
I've seen such orphans rarely every now and then. but I don't have any explanation.
stopping it should allow a new start.  Check if there are other processes with Ensemble or Cache.exe

All the current suggestions are possible, however, usually if it is a Cache/Ensemble start issue the exe will not crash but will report the database failed to start.

In this case the error is that the EXE itself crashed and this is likely why there is nothing in alerts.log or cconsole.log as it did not progress that far.

This implies either an issue with the EXE or with the config details it will read from the registry.

If you check Windows Event Viewer there may be more information there to help resolve.

Should you be unable to resolve then the simplest option would be to install a fresh copy of Cache/Ensemble, first try the repair option with the same version then try upgrading with a newer version, over the top.  This should not lose anything and will either highlight an installation issue or rebuild the problem configuration.

If that fails, keep a copy of the database files, wipe the existing installation and then rebuild, extreme but it depends on how long you want to spend trying to find the problem.

Vivek, if you have not been able to resolve this, consider contacting the WRC for assistance.



I am wondering if this is a user security level issue. As you know you need Windows/Unix Administrator rights to install Cache/Ensemble/IRIS. The same is true if you want to run any of the executables in the 'bin' directory such as cstart cachesystray and so on. I am not a UNIX expert and so I can  only speak from my Windows experience but assuming this is windows close the Cache/Ensemble/IRIS systeray icon and then from the 'bin' directory fine th csystray.exe, right click and slect 'run as administrator', then see if you can start or shut down your instance.

If that fails and all other suggestions from the Developer community uninstall C/E/IRIS and reinstall it making sure you run the installation as 'Administrator'

The final suggection is check your cache.key or iris.key and make sure your license is still valid.