· Jun 21, 2019

Ensemble Categories- Overhead in message processing?

Hi all, My first post. I hope I have created it correctly.


Our team is looking to increase the number of characters in our Ensemble 'Categories' for Services, Processes and operations.

We are doing this to better identify things like Vendor, Message type and integrated application names...

One of our team members thought his might increase processing overhead and a discussion ensued that was not resolved.

my thoughts...

1- If we are just looking at message throughput time then the number of characters or number of category 'entries' on one of these configurable items should not matter,,,  should not have any effect

2- If we are looking at querying something like the ENS_Config.Item then of course there would be increased overhead.

3- If we are using the Ensemble front end UI then clicking on the dropdown for Category to get the list might take a bit longer

In any case above the impact should not be significant.


I searched around for a few minutes and could not find this on the forum.

Any help in invalidating or validating the above or any other thoughts would be appreciated.




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Adding categories will  have no direct impact on message processing. As you noted, there may be a tiny incremental increase in overhead temporarily if you query for them, and you may see a slight delay in the drop-down list ... but only if  you're talking about multiple hundreds of them.

If the intent is to better document your interfaces, though, take a look at the Business Partner configuration. It's an often-overlooked option to keep details regarding the vendor, its contacts, and other information associated with each interface. This may help make the number of categories more manageable.