Muhammad Waseem · Aug 7, 2021

Ens.Director: ERROR <Ens>ErrProductionSuspendedMismatch: Production 'Training.NewProduction' was suspended


While starting newly created production I am getting below error:

17:14:05.498:Ens.Director: ERROR <Ens>ErrProductionSuspendedMismatch: Production 'Training.NewProduction' was suspended, a new production of a different name can not be started.

Please note that I  can start and stop 'Training.NewProduction'  successfully but still the status of the Training.NewProduction'  is suspended.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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You need to:

  • Open Training.NewProduction in the Management portal
  • Start Training.NewProduction  
  • Stop Training.NewProduction  
  • Open your new production in the Management portal 

After that you'll be able to start your new production.

If you don't care about any unsent/completed/suspended messages, try calling the CleanProduction() method in class Ens.Director:

Do ##class(Ens.Director).CleanProduction()

This is strongly discouraged for PROD environments ... be forewarned. Would recommend you contact the WRC if you're getting this error in a PROD environment.