Ben Spead · Dec 8, 2015

Email update formatting

Can we please get a 1 for 1 email option for posts on threads we're subscribed to?  Right now it seems to only be set up for Digest which means there is a lot of header information about the contents of the Digest, etc.

I would like to see an email in my inbox for each post on a thread or topic that I subscribe to, formatted so that it actually looks and feels like part of the thread.  This would allow you to do away with the unhelpful subject - e.g. """ [InterSystems Developer Community] Subscriptions Digest for Benjamin Spead" forces me to open the email to even see what it is about.  Preferabably with a 1:1 email for posting, the email can also include a threadID which would allow the email client to associate all of the emails together in a thread for easier consumption.  

Proper 1:1 email delivery based on subscription should also make it easier for people to reply to a thread by simply replying to the email (I understand this is probably further out in the future).

Having proper email integration is going to be critical for engaging certain developers who drive their workflows via their inbox.  

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Yes, agreed that html email for each post/comment and reply-to-email as reply-to-thread-conversation  would be much better and easier, than current text-only digests. 

+1, and for some reason I don't get any email from this site now at all...