John Jacobs · May 16, 2018

DTM management question

Is there a group in or outside of this community for discussion of DTM issues? I am working on a conversion to Caché for a client but in the meantime, he is still live with his DTM system and a system management issue has arisen. The convo:

Client: Do you know how to increase the page limit in MUMPS DTM?  One version of my database I use for one customer is telling me I have reached my page limit.  I have increased the page limit in the database you are reviewing; so I figure there is a setting I am missing.

Me: How did you increase the page limit before? Maybe I can catch a clue from that and figure out how it's done.

Client: I don't remember exactly. I increase the index and the security mask I think. The actual page number seems fixed.

That's it.

System: DTM-PC/4.9/10SEP96-NETWORK Running over Windows XP


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Sorry ,
I assume this is out of date meanwhile.