Derrek Kegler · Mar 29, 2017

Dollar Ranges

How to setup dollar ranges to get the number of patient accounts. So, I want to capture the number of patient accounts based on the original balance of:
0 to 499
500 to 999
1000 to 2499
5000 to 9999
10000 to 24999
25000 to 49999
50000 to 74000
75000 to 99999


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Depending on the structure of your cube, you might be able to do this with a set of calculated members using range expressions and the %OR MDX function.

For example, here is the MDX expression for a range of 1 to 3 units sold using the Units per Transaction dimension in the HoleFoods cube:


Or maybe you can introduce a cube dimension with a ranged expression for the property of balance and range all the patients to these groups.

See examples in Samples PatientsCube for patients ranged similarly by their age.