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Display Global sizes using DeepSee KPI, a little contribution to SYSMON Dashboards project

I was approached recently by and end use who wanted to perform analysis of their databases and see how they could save some space by picking data good for deletion without harming the application. As part of investigation, they wanted to know sizes of globals within datasets. This can be achieved by various means but all of them provide data in text form only.

I thought I might be a good tool for database administrators in general - to see global sizes in a graphical way.

So I took the challenge and created a simple Deepsee KPI that I am now going to share with you.

There is one prerequisite needed, you need to create a namespace (I call it historically SYSMON), that links to CACHESYS dataset for data and also defined /csp/SYSMON Web application with Deepsee enabled.

The KPI class is available at GitHub here.

Use of KPI is simple, define a Deepsee Dashboard and add new widget of your choice (preferably columnChart), add the three filters defined by the KPI and you're ready to go!

Here is an image illustrating the result

Please note following when using the KPI:

1. It calculates approximate size of globals, not exact. This is for usability, as determining the real size of large globals can take hours!

2. make sure you select only one database in a filter a time.


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