· May 4, 2020

Didn't able to start InterSystems Cache

Hi Team,

      We weren't able to start the InterSystems cache server. I attached error screenshot and console log details on below. 



Console log error:

Retry CLNDMN job start after timeout with last job error = <UNKNOWN ERROR>.
JOBTRACE: Create job indirect, rtnref = START^CLNDMN.
JOBTRACE: Create job by control, rtnref = START^CLNDMN, pid = 6944.
JOBTRACE: Timed out waiting for child (6944) to appear in PIDTAB.
Error: ERROR #5001: Cannot start CLNDMN job - Shutting down the system


Please guide me, how we resolve this issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Ponnumani G.

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