· Dec 11, 2017

Developer Community GitHub

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to share that we have a dedicated InterSystems Developer Community GitHub -!

What is it?

It's a list of repositories which InterSystems Corporation introduces to share with Developer Community, or what we fork from other repositories to highlight to Developer Community.  The key intent is to share frameworks, tools, and solutions with Developer Community.

What are the projects?

In this hub, you would see tools, frameworks, technology and solution examples, best practices, code snippets - the software, which either utilizes InterSystems Data Platform or is intended to scale, monitor, test, deploy InterSystems Data Platform solutions. 

What are the licenses?

Generally, all the projects are free to use and go with MIT License.

Is there any support from InterSystems for the projects?

No. InterSystems doesn't support any of the tools, projects or solutions listed here. All the projects go as is, use it at your own risk. But interesting projects are supported by Developer Community members. So everyone is very welcome to provide issues, fork and contribute via pull requests.

I want my project to be listed on InterSystems Developer Community Hub. What should I do?

Tell about your solution on Developer Community or on Global Masters and we'll fork it. Perhaps, we already did it )

There some general requirements for repositories:

1. A project should use InterSystems Data Platform or provide services for it.

2. Caché ObjectScript sources should be presented in UDL. Check other UDL projects. 

2a. Source code should obey COS Guidelines, or any other publicly listed guidelines.

3. A project should have a filled '' file with sections with at least two sections: Description, Installation.

4. Provide a license (MIT License) for your repo.

Please, provide your thoughts, ideas, new requirements, etc in the comments below.

Enjoy Developer Community GitHub and share your great framework, libraries and solutions with InterSystems Developer Community!

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It's really good idea, but no)

The reason is that it's not InterSystems technology behind this community pages - it's Drupal and PHP.

Bert, if you find something which works very slow please feel free to add in Feedback group, I would appreciate!

But the analytics are in InterSystems DeepSee and that would be exposed to the public soon!

So you would be able to install DC Analytics on your laptop/server and contribute to it. 


I'd be interested in participating. An opportunity to work with a technology that I am very aware if but has not been a requirement in the work I do though HST has built an Operational Data Store.and we have a BI analyst who uses Deep See (Ensemble 2018). And Analytics in IRIS has gone to a whole new level. So yes I would like to participate. On IRIS?