Evgeny Shvarov · May 7, 2018

Developer Community April Release

Hi, Community!

I'm pleased to share the news of Developer Community April 2018 release.

We improved Performance, Tags, and UI. 

See the details below.

1. Performance improvements

We fixed a lot of performance issues and the site became more responsive on main, groups and tags pages.

2. Tags descriptions

All the tags have descriptions nows so it is easier to understand what the tag relates to. E.g. Caché, ObjectScript, Beginner.

3. Special tags

We introduced the option to have "private" tags - the tags, which only dedicated people can put for a topic. So if you want to have a tag of your company to place it on the posts your employees do, you have this option now. It will form the personal Company's blog on DC. Please comment here or refer to me by email if you want the feature. 

4. Cosmetic changes and bugfixes

ObjectScript highlighting changed to the "classic" Studio theme to make the code perception more typical.

DC remembers your last editor and introduces it to create a new post. E.g. if you prefer markdown you'll see markdown first every time you create a post.

Mark as read. There is New feed, which shows what wasn't read for registered members. With "Mark as read" it's unnecessary now to open every post to make it "non-new" - just click on "Mark as read".

5. Community issues

March 2018 was the first month when we introduced the option to introduce issues and dev. requests from Community members.

And the first March sprint is closed with 8 issues solved.

New May sprint is open - you are welcome to introduce your requests!

The Roadmap

The roadmap for the next DC releases:

  • Enhance email notification system which still has the room for improvement.
  • Improve performance with editing.
  • Improve the editor itself.
  • Enhance Group/Tags management.

Introduce your enhancement requests, and stay tuned! 

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