InterSystems Official
· Nov 13, 2023

Deprecation of InterSystems System Alerting and Monitoring (SAM)

InterSystems has decided to stop further development of SAM (System Alerting & Monitoring) and label it as deprecated as of today.  InterSystems will continue to support existing customers using the technology, but it is no longer recommended for new deployments.

We’ve found that most customers who are interested in the type of observability provided by SAM have chosen to connect IRIS’s metrics API & structured logs to their organization’s existing observability platform in order to have a more complete view of their operational platform.

Customers with questions on their current or planned use of SAM should reach out to their account team or contact me directly.

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Okay, I've been waiting for this. SAM has shown us what is already possible related to monitoring IRIS and the extension with custom metrics is great but it indeed did not integrate very well in existing monitoring solutions. 
I would like to see a growing community around enhancing IRIS-monitoring. I'm especially interested in getting all the different logs from IRIS into Grafana.
Maybe the Grafana-Intersystems-Plugin by Dmitri Maslennikow or an Intersystems-Plugin for Loki might do the trick? Has somebody already achieved this?