Rochdi Badis · May 26

Deleting record with unique Key

Hi Guys,

I had a record with name field has a uniqueKeyIndex, so because I couldn't change and update the name description using SQL, I went and changed the name description in the Globals and removed the Index on name with old description, but now I wanted to create a new record with the old description that I removed from Globals but I'm getting UniqueIndex error, which means the old description is still somewhere in one of the globals, but I can't find that record anywhere in both data or index globals ?






Product version: Ensemble 2014.1
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By manual intervention, you managed to get your index out of sync with your date.
Check this Repairing your Index

Sorry the method is not yet available in 2014.1 you need a Rebuildindex (from SMP)

So in the future and in case I really need create a record with the same description on a unique indexed field, can I remove the UniqueIndex definition from the class definition do my change then put it back and compile rather than doing it through globals?

also when rebuilding indexes from SMP, it says running at the background but there no notification when the rebuild has finished, is there a way to see the running process because I couldn't see it in Processes?


It sounds to me like there's an issue with the design there. If the field can be duplicated, why is it marked as unique at all?