DeepSee time series - season

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I have a series of data organized by time (year and month) so I can use a time dimension to drill down data. So far so good.

However, I need to display the data not by calendar years and months but rather by seasons. The season has 12 calendar months but starts in September. So I'd like to see the data from September / Year N to August / Year N+1 using the same hierarchy as normal time dimension.

Has anyone done something similar?

Obviously, the season can start by any month, not only September :)



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You can add your own DeepSee dimension levels by extending  %DeepSee.Time.AbstractLevel class. Check  %DeepSee.Time.Year class for an example of Year level within a time dimension.


List of available time level classes is obtained in %DeepSee.Utils:%GetTimeLevelClasses and is used during cube generation.