· Nov 13, 2022

DeepSee - Modifying advanced filter in pivot based off dashboard filter

I would like to define an advanced filter within my pivot table that allows me to look at diagnosis codes, or at procedure codes - but I do not want to hard code values within the pivot table definition (get the %OR defined).

I would like to be able to allow my dashboard user to chose what specific diagnosis codes or procedure codes they are interested in. So for example one user may want to look for # of patients with cancer dx or patients who have had a radiation procedure.

How can I accomplish this OR feature using dashboard filters?

I was initially thinking of a 3 widget approach - where widget 1 had the dx filter, and widget 2 had the proc filter but I could not figure out a way to access the individual widget's filters to be able to create widget 3's filter as an %OR of those two.


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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