· Nov 23, 2016

DeepSee: Filtering a filter

When creating a filter located on a dashboard that targets all, is there a way to narrow that filter down?

For example, in our data we have some dates that are well out of range due to data quality issues, but they still appear in the drop downs. Is there a way to say, only make available the below dates in the filter?

Another example, If we want to only look at Emergency data, it still provides all the wards for inpatient activity and activity in other hospitals, meaning, to get to just the Emergency wards you have to scroll through everything?

Hope that makes sense.

Also, to follow this up, is there a way to order the drop downs? as for dates the oldest dates generally appear to be at the top where as we would prefer it to start with the most recent dates.

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Hi, Benjamin!

Have you tried dependent levels?

Say you have LevelA which shows dates and LevelB which is applicable for the relevant date values.

Make LevelA depends on LevelB in the Cube.

Then you can place a LevelB filter on the widget in hidden mode with some default value, which is relevant for desired values in LevelA and you'll see in LevelA filter only the desired values on this widget.