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DeepSee environment information and diagnostic tool

DeepSeeButtons is available on Open Exchange! This tool will generate a diagnostic report of your DeepSee environment.

The report consists of multiple sections. These sections range from System Details to Caché/InterSystems IRIS logs to Cube information. In addition to simply providing information about the environment, some common recommended configurations are checked. If a recommended configuration is not used, an alert is displayed highlighting that the environment configuration does not match the recommended configuration.

Many of these alerts have corresponding solutions in the DeepSee Troubleshooting Guide. If you receive an alert that you are not sure how to handle, please contact so we can help resolve the issue.

Even if there are no alerts showing up, it is useful to take a DeepSeeButtons report while working on a problem with the WRC since this can often provide more context about your environment that will be useful to provide the optimal solutions.

When running DeepSeeButtons, if you enter a cube name at the "Give cube name for detailed cube info" prompt, the report will include a list of all the dimensions, measures, and other model elements in the cube, as well as a count of the number of distinct members, and the number of facts with missing data, for each level.

If you are using the Cube Manager, there will also be a section that gives an overview of how long your cubes take to build and synchronize. This can be useful to visualize some information about how long your cubes take to build/synchronize.

The report also contains the DeepSee Log and the Query Log. These two logs are often not monitored but can provide valuable information about what the DeepSee engine is doing and how busy it is. They can also contain additional information about errors that are being thrown by the background agents.


Download today from Open Exchange and follow the installation steps to get an overview of your DeepSee environment

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