· Jun 13, 2016 1m read

Debug: using locks for breakpoints

Hi, Community!

Want to share with you one debugging approach from the Russian forum.

Suppose I want to debug the application  and I want it to stop the execution on a particular line.

I add in code this line:

l +d,-d

When I want to start debugging in this line I block d in terminal

USER> l +d

And execute the app.

The app stops on this line and lets me connect to it with Studio debugger.

To release lock I do in terminal

USER> l -d

And what are your debugging practices?

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I use Serenji. I can start interactive application debugging direct from the Terminal prompt. For a CSP or Zen based web app I can launch my pages in the browser and immediately start stepping through code, or running to soft breakpoints (no changes needed in my source). I can attach to background processes. I can set conditional breaks (e.g. break when variable ABC is set to value 123) or delayed breaks (e.g. stop the tenth time I get to this point). And with the Ensemble edition I can replay sessions command-by-command in a uniquely powerful way.

Disclosure: I created this tool in 1998 and continue to maintain and support it, so you should probably look to others for a more objective opinion of its value. Or try it free for 30 days.