Leon Wilson · Dec 30, 2019

Date Stamp to when a Business Rule or DTL was called in HealthShare

Hi All,

I am planning on doing some maintenance in 2020, I was wondering if it is possible to run a query to get a log on when a DTL and/or Business Rules was called in HEALTHSHARE, the idea behind this is to do some cleaning and remove some clutter.

Your help or ideas are highly appreciated.


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Execution details for routing rules are located in Ens.Rule.Log. The available values are ID, ActivityName, ConfigName, CurrentHeaderId, DebugId, EffectiveBegin, EffectiveEnd, ErrorMsg, IsError, Reason, ReturnValue, RuleName, RuleSet, SessionId, and TimeExecuted.

In the SQL facility, you can query Ens_Rule.log:

SELECT ID, ConfigName, CurrentHeaderId, RuleName, RuleSet, SessionId, TimeExecuted FROM Ens_Rule.Log

Thank you Jeffrey.