· Nov 10, 2015

Dashboard Branding...

Hello DeepSee'ers -

How hard is it to brand a dashboard to a login?

The situation is, I have a Partner that is looking to create common Dashboards in a SaaS model where the Partner's Clients would want to have their individual views of this common dashbaord be branded (logos, color, styles, etc.) to match the Client's branding. This my Partner's Client's End Users will see this common dashboard as the dashboard from the "Client" and not the "Partner" (and certainly not ISC branding)

ie.  ISC -> Partner -> Client -> End User

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Hi Chip.

You can brand userportal per namespace

You can override branding in each particular dashboard.

I think the only way to have different branding for different logins for the same dashboard is to create new class that inherits from Dashboard viewer and assign properties companyName, companyLogo, companyStyle manually based on login