· May 30, 2022 1m read

Custom monitoring page for IRIS Interoperability production

InterSystems Production Monitor is a page in Management Portal to display monitoring information for the current running production. I like the page as it comes, but one size does not fit all.

On May 13, 2022 I read this post on Developer Community:

I agree with Mark that Production Monitor is complex. I liked the idea to create a nice clean clear monitor page.

I began to work on a Cache Server Page utilizing class methods to provide the production data.

I shared my first attempt with Mark. He customized it according to his ideas. I liked how he laid out the page and made it visually more appealing. I have integrated his design into my app production-monitor.

I saw Mark had filtered the Business Services display to only show the ones needing attention. He added the server’s name and its mirror status at the bottom of the page.

You can find my production-monitor app on Open Exchange and in the current contest.

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Update has been made to to co-creator version of this project. githubFork . Containing certain Quality of life improvements. 

These are 

Banner with server status and key 

Last message date fixed on all services processes and operations 

You need to create a global called InterfaceMonitorNotes but if you use html gives you a handy place for notes for your team. N.B. if displayed publically the global edit link/user should only have access to this page queries, if required can post settings if anyone is looking to really use