Laura Cavanaugh · Aug 9, 2016

Credentials in Ensemble - working in other namespaces

Hello community,

I have productions running in several different namespaces.  They all use a common credentials ID for sending email, which is set up in only one of the namespaces.  The documentation says that credentials are entered by namespace.  When I ran a production in a second namespace, the error log said that credentials were not found (expected), but later attempts to send a file thorugh the production did successfully send an email.  I'm wondering if Ensemble is able to look in other namespaces for the same credentials ID?


I just want to make sure, since I'm moving this to a live system.  I'd prefer not to duplicate the credentials ID, anyway.



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Yes, credentials are defined in each namespace. It would be possible to map the relevant globals to a single shared database but that would add a piece of complexity that is more likely to hurt than help.

My **guesses** are that either your email server is not set up securely in your test environment and is accepting input anyway, or that you have some OS level authentication going on, or most likely you have configured an SSL configuration to use to connect to the email server and the username/password or certificate are part of that.

Ah, yes... I'm thinking that it's an OS level authentication that is also a part of the connection, and that the "handshake" hadn't finished the first time.  I'll look into it. I would prefer not to have to keep duplicates in each namespace as I create more Productions.


(If you have any comments on creating Productions in separate namespaces, I'd love to hear!)


Thank you,