· Nov 12, 2020

Creating filter based on repeating OBX segment for two fields (OBX 3.1 and OBX 5.1)

Hi, I am trying to filter transactions based on a value within OBX 3.1 and OBX 5.1 within the same repeating segment.  The segment looks like this


I originally tried this within a routing rule

(HL7.{OBX():3.1} Contains "<RADONCPT>")&&(HL7.{OBX():5.1} Contains "<Y>"))
This didn't work because if the RADONCPT was present and another OBX segment contained Y, it would still pass.  I am now looking to do this via a DTL, but I am stuck.  Is there a way to skip transforming a message based on if a value matches both OBX 3.1 and OBX 5.1 within the same segment?  I understand I need to do a loop (which I tried at the very top of the DTL), but its not transforming the message.
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Hey Nicole,

I see that it's been a while since you asked your question about the repeating OBX but can you share with me what you did to make this work for you?  I'm basically trying to do the same thing you are and can't get it to work.  I also was leaving the () blank, thinking it would loop through until it found what I was looking for.