· Sep 20, 2018

Creating a FHIR "Server" using an existing Data Source

Hi there.

I was curious if anyone had attempted to link the built in FHIR support within Healthshare Healthconnect to an existing data source? 

For example, having FHIR requests be received into Healthshare, and then call off to an external SQL Database to grab the data required for the response.

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What issues if any are you experiencing?

Due to a change of job it's been a couple of years since I used Health Connect or Ensemble, so I've not used the specific FHIR functionality and can't give specific answers on that; though I've done similar for bespoke RESTful APIs.  Hence my answer is generic.   

It would be a standard pattern for integration middleware to provide a FHIR facade in front of another database, or orchestrate calls to several data sources and return a single response (e.g. Content Enricher)

Your FHIR business service needs to deal with the request.  I assume the built in FHIR support parses the URL and any FHIR JSON/XML resources on the request into objects for you.  You then pass the data items or objects you need into a business process via an internal request message that you define.  That process then calls into a SQL business operation that does the querying you need on the remote data source and passes results back in an internal response message.

If there's any other business logic you need, you'd normally put that in the business process.