· Nov 11, 2020

Create Database using Python

I am trying to create a database using python. The example shows setting a Name string and a Properties object containing Directory=.

; Use class methods to create an instance
 %SYS>s Name="ABC"
 %SYS>s Properties("Directory")="c:\abc\"
 %SYS>s Status=##Class(Config.Databases).Create(Name,.Properties)
 %SYS>i '$$$ISOK(Status) w !,"Error="_$SYSTEM.Status.GetErrorText(Status)

How do I update and pass the Directory property using Python?

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You can either

1. You can use object access from Python so this code can be invoked via Native API for Python:

Set name = "ABC"
Set dir = ##class(%File).SubDirectoryName(##class(%File).ManagerDirectory(), name, 1)
Set sc = ##class(%File).CreateDirectory(dir)
Write $SYSTEM.Status.GetErrorText(sc)

Set db=##Class(SYS.Database).%New()
Set db.Directory = dir
Set sc = db.%Save()
Write $SYSTEM.Status.GetErrorText(sc)

Set dbConfig=##Class(Config.Databases).%New()
Set dbConfig.Directory = dir
Set dbConfig.Name = name
Set sc = dbConfig.%Save()
Write $SYSTEM.Status.GetErrorText(sc)

2. Use SQL via xDBC connection (CREATE DATABASE).


Thanks for the reply.

The challenge is that I cannot find a way to use the Python interface to pass a properties object to ClassMethodValue, and I don't see another appropriate function.  

  • iris.classMethodValue() — calls a user defined ObjectScript method and gets the returned value.
  • iris.classMethodVoid() — calls a user defined ObjectScript method, ignoring any returned value.
  • iris.function() — calls a function of a user defined ObjectScript routine and gets the returned value.
  • iris.procedure() — calls a procedure of a user defined ObjectScript routine.