Sabit Issakhan · Jun 8, 2020 1m read

Convert XML to JSON

Hello everyone! 

I have had problem with XML format in Cache Object Script, it was diffucult to parse XML format,

So i decided to convert XML to JSON and parse json easily

So for that i wrote code in java which convert xml to json and build package with maven

Anyone interested can download jar file and see the instructions at the link:

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Can you please add source code for java classes, such as ParseXML.Parse?


Class ParseXML.Parse Extends java.lang.Object [ ProcedureBlock ]

Method %OnNew(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) As %Status
Quit:'$D(p0) $$$OK
Quit ..%Constructor(p0,"ParseXML.Parse",0)
} Method convertXMLtoJSON(ByRef p0 As %ObjectHandle) As %ObjectHandle
Quit ..%IR("convertXMLtoJSON",.p0)
} }

Hi Sabit!

Looks interesting!

But I see only jar files in the repo. Could you please submit java source files too?