Surya Sekhar Yerram · Mar 17, 2017

Convert HL7 to FHIR

Hello Greetings-

I am exploring on converting HL7 to FHIR.

1. I saw there are built in DTLs “FHIR.FromSDA” and “FHIR.ToSDA” to convert SDA -> FHIR and FHIR -> SDA. Similarly Do Intersystems have DTLs for HL7 -> FHIR and FHIR -> HL7?

2. The reason why I am asking is, I see in HSLIB namespace HS->GateWay->HL7->HL7toSDA3 and HS->GateWay->SDA3->SDA3toHL7 DTLs. Like-wise I am trying to locate HL7 -> FHIR and FHIR -> HL7. Please help me to locate them

3. If there are no built-in DTLs for converting HL7 -> FHIR and FHIR -> HL7, what is the process to achieve this?


Thanks much in-advance.



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Hi Surya,

HealthShare has no single transform that can convert from HL7 to FHIR.  Rather, what you would do is, first convert the HL7 to an SDA3 container via the Ensemble operation HS.Gateway.HL7.InboundProcess, then convert the SDA3 container into a FHIR bundle via the process HS.FHIR.FromSDA.DTL.Transaction.Process.

What DSTU2 flavour of FHIR would this support? 

Can you produce Argonaut (USA) or CareConnect (UK NHS) profiled resources?

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