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Container help

I downloaded to evaluate, however when I try to run the container it keeps


>docker run --name providerdirectory --user=irisowner --env=ISC_DATA_DIRECTORY=/intersystems/irisdata --runtime=runc -d

I keep getting the following, and I am not sure why...

2024-01-17 20:36:20 [INFO] Executing command /home/irisowner/irissys/ 2188...
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [INFO] Writing status to file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.status
2024-01-17 20:36:20 Reading configuration from file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.conf
2024-01-17 20:36:20 ISCAgent[17]: Starting
2024-01-17 20:36:20 ISCAgent[18]: Starting ApplicationServer on *:2188
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [INFO] ...executed command /home/irisowner/irissys/ 2188
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [INFO] Starting InterSystems IRIS instance IRIS...
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [ERROR] iris: instance 'IRIS' not found
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [ERROR] Command "iris start IRIS quietly" exited with status 256
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [ERROR] See the above messages or /intersystems/irisdata/mgr/messages.log for more information
2024-01-17 20:36:20 [FATAL] Error starting InterSystems IRIS

Can someone point me to the correct docker run command to get this to run?




Product version: IRIS 2023.2
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I've got the same issue, I've started to container without running the IRIS on startup -u=false

and found that there is only HSPD installed, so here is the command that worked for me:

docker run -d --name providerdirectory -p 52773:52773 -p 1972:1972 -p 2187:2187 -i HSPD