· Dec 20, 2019

Connect remote server to Power BI

Hello All,

I have connected InterSystems Cache remote server from Power BI using ODBC Connection . But I am not able to view the data records on Power BI getting some error "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: exceptionType". And also I checked with that remote server with the location   System > System Logs > View xDBC Error Log > xDBC Errors . On that place I can see the below error

"[SQLCODE: <-400>:<Fatal Error Has Occurred>] [Cache Error: <<READ>ServerLoop+16^%SYS.DBSRV>] [Location: <ServerLoop>] [Client info: <Username: Hp, Node Name:XXXXXXXXXXX , IP Address: XXXXXXXXXX, Executable Name: Microsoft.Mashup.Con, Internal Function: OE>] [%protocol: <53>] $Id: //dev/2017.2.1/kernel/common/src/aclass.c#1 $ 23289 104".



So please help me.....


Thanks & Regards,


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