Matías Peña · Nov 15, 2019

Connect Oracle with InterSystems

Hello everyone,
It is my first post in the community. Very recently I started working using IRIS, creating services with Cache.
Today they gave me a new task and I'm really lost.

How can I use an oracle database to create services using iris?

Throughout the day I was looking for a guide to use a remote Oracle database. but unfortunately I only managed the connection in SQL Gateway

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Could you give us a bit more details? What kind of services you should create with IRIS and why from Oracle, or how?

Yes, no problem.
I must create a very simple service. I should only use a procedure that is already created in the Oracle database.
I must use that procedure and do a rest service.

Hello, I thought I achieved the connection with the oracle, I was able to call the procedure, but now when I have the procedure in sql, it doesn't throw any data at me. The procedure does not work

Have you used JDBC drivers before? I have a couple of connections that I have created through JDBC to connect to Oracle to pull data from an Oracle table to create an HL7 message. Currently we are using the Oracle JDBC driver to connect to the Oracle system. 

You can map an Oracle Stored procedure to IRIS method using the SQL Gateway. Once the mapping is done, you can expose it with a service or any other means IRIS provides.